Dustin Bath – Creative Director

Dustin is both a sonic and visual artist.  His passion for sound and image have made him a jack-of-all-trades and a master of many.  He is a prolific photographer and music video director as well as the co-founder and lead guitarist of the band/fashion label Early Morning Rebel and co-founder of Baby Bird Records.  He is an accomplished audio engineer and sound designer, and his work as a producer and creative director has helped shape the image and aesthetic of countless bands, brands and fashion labels.

David Gaston Green – Head Composer

David is a multi-instrumentalist, a songwriter, film composer and record producer.  As the co-founder of the seminal LA Latin Alternative band Los Abandoned, David spent his early years on the road with the biggest names in Latin music, eventually securing a deal with Neil Young’s Vapor Records.   After the band’s split he returned to freelance work, earning a Latin Grammy nomination for his work with Ceci Bastida.  As a composer his music has appeared in myriad films, television programs and commercials.  David brings his experience in composition, world music, rock, pop and jazz everywhere he goes, always finding the right sound… often with an unexpected twist.

Nathan James – Managing Director

Nathan is a talented musician and composer with an intimate understanding of music in film and television.  For ten years, he has worked as a creative executive at Steven Bochco Productions.  In his role as music consultant, he has helped curate the sonic footprint of many of Bochco’s productions including Murder In The First.  Nathan is the co-founder, lead singer and principal songwriter for the indie-pop/noir band and fashion label Early Morning Rebel.  He is also the co-founder of Baby Bird Records in Venice, CA, where he produces artists and composes music for film and television.